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ER Ultimate Dog Survival Kit

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Great way to add to your emergency kit for your pet.

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  • 72-hour survival supply for 2 dogs 
  • Great addition to your emergency supplies
  • Everything needed for your pet in an emergency

ER Ultimate Dog Survival Kit


  • 72-hour survival supply for 2 dogs 
  • Great addition to your emergency supplies
  • Everything needed for your pet in an emergency

When preparing for a disaster, don't forget about your furry little friends. But don't waste your time and money constantly replacing pet food and other supplies when you can get a Pet Survival Kit designed by emergency preparedness experts to last and be ready when you need it.

The ER™ Ultimate Dog Survival Kit provides both piece-of-mind for you and safety for your dog. It contains a 72-hour survival supply for 2 dogs including 5-year shelf-life emergency dog food and water.

ER™ Dog Survival Kits are designed to contain everything your dogs need to survive for 3 days in case you need to quickly evacuate your home following a disaster or any other emergency. Packaged in durable containers, they offer several strategic survival advantages. The container stores safely anywhere inside or outside your home and can be used along with the included water purification tablets to purify water for safe consumption.


The ER™ Ultimate Dog Survival Kit contains:

2 - Dog Food Packets

ER™ EMERGENCY READY Dog Food Rations have been hermetically vacuum sealed and specially packaged to guarantee a 5-year shelf-life. Formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. Provide 100% of a dog's recommended vitamins & minerals for 3 days. Product Shelf Life: Packaging is designed to sustain 5 years.

12 - Water Pouches

Two 6-packs of emergency drinking ration water pouches. US Coast Guard Approved to provide a 72-hour supply of emergency drinking water per person and guaranteed to store safely for 5 years even in extreme conditions. Product Shelf Life: 4 years minimum.

2 - Thermal Blankets

Emergency thermal mylar blanket to be used as emergency shelter by reflecting back and retaining 90% of a survival victim's body heat.

2 - ER Emergency Lightsticks

The ER™ Lightstick creates instant super-bright emergency lighting which lasts 12 hours.  Unlike most lightsticks, these have been specially manufactured to guarantee a 5-year shelf life.  It is safe for anyone to use! It is non-toxic and non-flammable. It is your solution to a convenient, easy and dependable emergency light source as it doesn't depend on batteries or electricity.


50 - Water Purification Tablets

Bottle of 50 Potable Aqua water purification tablets to treat 25 quarts of water for safe consumption. Just add 2 tablets to 1 quart of water to make questionable water bacteriologically safe to drink. Easy-to-use, safe, and fast-acting formula EPA registered to exceed criteria for disinfection of drinking water. The current standard issue water purification tablet for the US Military.

1 - Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit

This ER™ EMERGENCY READY Pet First Aid Kit contains emergency pet first aid items from nose to tail!


2 - Bowls

Collapsible bowls for easy use and storage.


2 - Leads - Collar & Leash

Collar & leash. Keep your pet active and safe.


12 - Sanitation/Poop Bags

Toilet bags for emergency sanitation.


2 - Dog Toys

Vinyl chewable toys (assorted). Provides soothing entertainment during a time of great stress.


1 - Rope

Synthetic cord that is lightweight, strong, durable, and extremely versatile for emergency preparedness.


1 - Decal

Emergency Pet Alert Sticker to put on door/window. Inform rescuers you have pets inside.


1 - Packed in Durable Nylon Bag

Packaged in durable blue nylon carrying bag.


This product is covered by the Sam's Club Member Satisfaction Guarantee.

Assembled Size

12 in x 8 in x 11 in

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