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From serious woodworkers to those who tackle their own home improvement tasks and construction projects, workbenches are extremely handy. Sam's Club® has both stationary and mobile benches at members-only prices.

Stationary Workbenches

Stationary workbenches come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small workbench models that fit in garages, to large industrial models that stand up to tougher projects. Some heavy-duty workbenches come with pegboards to provide a simple way to organize tools and keep work areas tidy. Other choices provide wall-mounting options and cabinets that let you put projects and supplies away when not in use.

Mobile Workbenches

Mobile or rolling workbenches feature wheels that let you maneuver the bench wherever you want. Some of these workbenches include several drawers for keeping the tools and parts you need within easy reach. Others provide a simple table with one or more shelves in a lightweight design. A foldable workbench lets you transport your work space easily so you always have a sturdy surface for projects outside of your garage or shop.

Workbench Features

Workbenches come with additional features that help you get the most out of your work areas. LED lights and strips ensure there's plenty of light directly on your project. Power strips offer up to nine outlets, so you always have plenty of electricity for all of your power tools. Workbenches with adjustable heights let you choose the proper height for your comfort and size, reducing fatigue and strain on your back during extended periods of time. You can also choose from bamboo, laminate and stainless steel workbenches, ensuring an option that meets your needs.

Find your favorite workbench at Sam's Club and get started on those projects today.

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