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Athletic Socks, Dress Socks & More

For many of us, socks are the one piece of clothing that is taken for granted. At some point during the day you open up the drawer and just expect to see them there. More often than not, socks can get worn out thanks to daily use, or one may mysteriously disappear during the wash cycle. Regardless of where exactly that missing sock ended up, it may be time to invest in a new set!

Sam’s Club stocks a wide assortment of sock styles and brands to meet your needs. Choose from ankle socks is a variety of color options ranging from bright whites with accent hues to dark black shades. Many of the sock options can be purchased in shorter ankle lengths or higher cuts that reach mid-calf depending on your preference. You can also find “breathable” cotton blends ideal for workouts or the warm summer months.

Sock styles for the workplace can be found online or in a Sam’s Club location. Sort through the countless styles including fashionable color palettes and ingredient blends ideal for wear with high heels or other office appropriate shoes.

Fill your sock drawer today with new stylish socks at affordable prices. Find all your sock needs and more at Sam’s Club today!

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