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Wireless security system

Wireless Systems

Owning a home security system used to be something reserved for businesses and high-end residences, but not anymore. Today, almost anyone can own an effective wireless security system without having to break the bank. Even better, modern security systems are designed to work wirelessly, allowing for flexible, clutter-free installation. At Sam’s Club®, you’ll find a wide assortment of options that you can scale to fit your needs.

Choosing a Camera

While surveillance cameras are a standard feature with security systems, not all cameras are the same. Some home wireless security systems include bullet-style cameras, which can be wall-mounted, while others come equipped with dome-shaped cameras that are designed for affixing to a ceiling. You’ll also find systems that come with portable cameras that can be moved from room to room.

There are other camera features to consider, like the field of views. Do you want a camera with a broad “180-degree fish-eye” view or a camera that comes with narrower options? Some cameras have flexible controls that allow you to pan, rotate and tilt them remotely while others have a fixed line of sight.

Live Feed

If you want to be able to monitor events around your home while you’re away, look for a wireless security system that provides real-time live feeds. Many of the top models at Sam’s Club come with a downloadable app, giving you an easy way to log on and view recordings. There are other camera systems that include night-vision for added security options.

Video Storage and Quality

Many of the security systems at Sam’s Club are designed to record and save videos on a local storage device (like a hard drive or memory card) while others save the content on a cloud. Do you want your surveillance in vibrant HD color or are you content with simple black and white footage? Clearer videos will also require more bandwidth. Sam’s Club is a great place to start your search for a camera wireless security system. Don’t just choose any option. Size matters. A small wireless security system may be enough for a small apartment with a few rooms. If you live in a larger home with lots of open ground, you’ll need a camera wireless security system that is big enough to cover all the major entry points. You can narrow down your options to specific models and brands such as Samsung security systems using the search tool offered on each page.

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