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Wireless printers

Benefits of Wireless Printers
  • Wireless printers allow the convenience of multiple-user access. Do you have a large family of computer users? Do you work in a concentrated working space with multiple people vying for the use of a printer? This is not a problem if you purchase a wireless product. You don’t have to manually connect to anything -- you just send your print jobs remotely and the printer completes the job for you.
  • Wireless printing will save you money in the long run. Rather than purchasing a printer for every computer in your home or office, you can buy a limited number of wireless printers and have users share the product. In addition, you’ll save on electricity costs because only one printer will be in use.
  • ‘Wireless’ denotes being free from wires. This means less clutter around your work space. In addition, another USB port will be made available on your computer, so you can make use of other devices.
  • The availability of wireless devices is growing. This means your wireless printer can be used with additional products such as digital cameras, laptops, and cell phones, which have the ability to send wireless information to printers. You’ll not only be able to print wirelessly from your computer, but you can potentially do the same from a number of other devices as well as technology expands.
  • Many printers offer all-in-one capabilities. You won’t only get a wireless printer, but also a fax machine, copier, and scanner as well.

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