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Wine & beer coolers

Wine and Beer Coolers

Wine and beer coolers ensure beverages are always at serving temperature. Sam's Club® carries a variety of coolers that fit easily in most kitchen areas, along with options you can bring out into party rooms or set up on decks for outdoor events. Whether hosting a group for a celebration or just keeping your favorite beverage cold, it's easy to find coolers at Sam's Club that meet your needs.

Choosing a Beer Cooler

If you're choosing a beer cooler for the kitchen, choose one that matches well with the other appliances in the space. Smaller, 1.5-cu. ft. coolers fit under most counters and maximize space in smaller kitchens. Look for Glaros coolers with your favorite team logo for storing beverages in the garage or game room.

Want to serve up pints of your favorite beer at home? Consider a beer dispensing tap system. You'll also find lightweight and wheeled dispensing beer coolers that you can move around the home, making it easy to serve refreshing beverages during parties.

Choosing a Wine Cooler

Wine coolers come in different sizes that range from those that are ideal for in-home use to large NewAir® models that hold up to 160 bottles for bar and restaurant settings. A dual-zone Whynter® cooler lets you store red and white vintages in the same location, and at the recommended temperatures for optimal flavor. A dual-zone wine cooler that includes a cigar humidor allows you to serve wine at the appropriate temperature and keep tobacco products at the right humidity levels for improved freshness and taste. A small 8 to 12-bottle wine cooler fits in most kitchens for maintaining a ready supply at home.

Whether you host parties in your home, serve beer and wine at a bar or restaurant or just enjoy a glass on occasion, Sam's Club makes it easy to find beverage coolers that work in any space.

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