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Wii accessories

Affordable Wii Accessories

One of the benefits of the Wii is that there are so many ways to play. This also means that one traditional controller won’t do. That’s why Sam’s Club offers a wide range of Wii accessories. And because we know you’ll probably want them all, we offer them at rock bottom prices so you can afford to get all the Wii accessories you need to fully enjoy your games.

You’ll find a great price on the standard remote plus and nunchuk, two controllers that combined can help you enjoy some great, interactive experiences with many Wii games. But if you’re playing driving games, you want the full driving experience, which is why you’ll also find the Wii Wheel at Sam’s Club. And for those great exercise programs, you’ll discover that Sam’s Club has Wii Fit balance boards too.

And it’s not just Wii controllers you’ll find at great prices at Sam’s Club. We’ve also got affordable and great looking game storage and TV stands to help you organize your games and system. You’ll find chargers for your remotes, sensor bars to improve your Wii’s range, and a lot more.

The Wii is designed to give you a comprehensive video gaming experience, and that’s what Sam’s Club wants you to have. Take advantage of Sam’s Club great prices on Wii accessories today.

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