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Wide format paper

Wide Format Paper

Large paper comes in handy when you need to create a visual representation in large format. Sam's Club® offers a large variety of paper formats and sizes to meet your creative needs as an artist or a professional.

Buy Large Paper Rolls in Bulk

Many workplaces that use large format papers can benefit from buying in bulk. Our members-only prices can help you get the supplies you need at an affordable cost. We offer a variety of paper types in large rolls, including canvas matte, canvas satin, inkjet, coated inkjet, high brightness and coated bond paper.

Along with our varied products, we also give you the choice between many of the top brands in the industry. You can find HP, Epson and PM Company products at our online store.

Professional-Quality Wide Paper

The wide format paper available in our collection is designed for use by professionals and individuals alike. Print companies can find the high-quality papers needed to serve their own customers. Professionals in other fields, such as engineering and architecture, can use our large papers on the job to create blueprints and necessary documents for their workplaces.

If you need large paper for your office, consider ordering a roll from us. We can help you get what you need for your professional services.

Printing and Photography Paper

Banners, picture displays and other large printed photographs need excellent paper in non-standard sizes. For personal photography studios or even photo printing services, our large papers fit the quality and dimension requirements.

Canvas paper gives you the option of printing beautiful photographs in the style of a painting. Many homes feature family portraits printed on canvas paper. Our selection of satin and matte canvas papers can help you give your own customers something to display at home.

Departments in wide format paper