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Wet/dry vacuums

Wet/Dry Vacuums

Unlike regular vacuum cleaners, wet/dry vacuums can be used for heavy-duty projects in many working environments. As the name implies, you can use these vacuums to clean up messes in dry areas as well as damp or wet areas. This makes a wet and dry vacuum a great asset to businesses and construction sites.

Choosing Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

For large spaces, look for a vacuum with a large capacity, so you won't have to empty it as often while cleaning. Smaller capacities are great for tighter spaces and small storage areas.

Hose size can affect what kind of debris you can pick up with the vacuum. It's important to choose a hose size that will be large enough for whatever you may need to remove from the work space.

Vacuums with higher horsepower will usually have stronger suction. You can also choose a filter that's appropriate for your space and air quality requirements. We have vacuums, replacement filters and all the accessories you need to get the best wet/dry vacuum for your workplace.

Using a Shop Vacuum at Home

Many homes can also benefit from wet/dry vacs. If you do any hobbying at home, such as woodworking or home renovation projects, cleanup is easier with the right type of vacuum. Search brands like Shop-Vac on our website for top-quality vacuums to have your home looking its best again.

Our selection of wet vacuums includes vacuums for homes and workplaces. And to round out your cleaning needs, browse our waste collection and recycling products.

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