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Wet cat food

Wet Cat Food

As a pet parent, the number of wet and dry cat food options can be overwhelming. Both choices provide your pet with the nutrition he needs, but for many kitties, wet cat food is more appealing. Sam's Club® carries a variety of wet foods that provide your pet with the proper nutrition.

Benefits of Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food provides several benefits for your pet. The higher water content makes sure cats receive they hydration they need, which can be important if your pet doesn't drink enough liquids. The ingredients in most healthy wet cat foods undergo less processing than their dry counterparts, which means the meats and vegetables are closer to their natural state. For cats, this means they can enjoy meals that satisfy their carnivorous cravings. Wet foods also come in single-serve, airtight containers that have a long shelf life for added convenience.

Premium Wet Cat Food

If you want to make sure your feline eats a healthy diet, premium wet cat foods like Sheba and Fancy Feast are always a good choice. These foods list protein first on the ingredient list, showing that they contain higher amounts of the meats and seafood your cat loves. Premium options don't contain grains and fillers, which ensures your pet is receiving more nutrients with every meal, and they include vitamins, fatty acids and minerals. This can help maintain a healthy life and reduce weight gain and obesity in older pets.

Special-Needs Wet Cat Food

If your kitty requires high-protein foods or needs a wellness wet cat food, we carry them. These formulas combine healthy ingredients with the enzymes and vitamins that help older or ill pets receive nutritional support. Check out the selection of wet cat foods at Sam's Club for an affordable option that will satisfy your pet.

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