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Water dispensers

Water Dispensers

Are you looking for an easy way to provide drinking water at home, in an office or for the waiting room in your business? If so, you’re going to love the selection of water dispensers at Sam’s Club®.

Water coolers are extremely convenient for a variety of reasons. First, they eliminate the need to buy small bottles of water for your home or business. That means fewer trips to the store and fewer plastic bottles to gather up and recycle each week. Next, when you purchase larger bottles of water for water home or commercial water dispensers, you’ll save money. You’ll immediately see the difference when you compare the cost of one five-gallon bottle to the equivalent of five gallons in smaller bottles. To save even more money, consider a bottle-less water cooler that connects to the water line and filters the water before it’s dispensed.

Would you like to be able to make hot drinks more easily? You have the option of choosing a water dispenser with both hot water and cold water. If you choose a dispenser with both hot and cold water, everyone who uses the dispenser will not only have access to cool, refreshing drinking water. There will also be instant hot water to make coffee, tea and convenience foods like instant soups and cups of noodles.

Choosing a Water Dispenser

When you’re choosing a water cooler, there are few things to keep in mind. One consideration is the size of the dispenser. While most dispensers stand on the ground, there are smaller options that sit on the counter. The countertop models are great for homes or for any area where floor space is at a premium. Next, decide if you prefer the type of cooler that connects to your water line or one that dispenses water from five-gallon bottles. If you choose a water dispenser that uses bottles, you may also consider purchasing a handy organizing rack to keep a few spare bottles on hand. Also, if you choose a water cooler with larger bottles, you can choose one that loads from the top or the bottom.

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