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Waste collection carts

Convenient Waste Collection Carts

Managing trash is a breeze when you have the right supplies. Sam's Club® carries many waste collection and recycling products to help you stock up your home or business.

Outdoor Waste Collection

Trash carts work well for summer camps, outdoor festivals, camp sites and barbecues as well as indoor trash collection. Proper waste disposal in bins with lids will keep the critters from ruining your fun and making a huge mess. If you're throwing away food waste or trying to encourage recycling beverage cans or bottles, a Rubbermaid Commercial trash collection cart can make the job easier.

Encourage Easier Recycling

Make it easy for everyone to recycle. Having a large recycling cart that you can put in strategic locations can help you get the message out that recycling is important. We at Sam's Club have the collection bins you need to make recycling a bigger priority.

In most US states, you can recycle cardboard, metal, plastic, glass and paper. Sam's Club offers large waste and recycle collection carts to suit your business or personal needs.

Keep Messes Contained

Thick plastic bins can fit all of the waste without overflowing. It's also important to get a lid that fits the bin perfectly and creates a seal to block odors from escaping. We have bins in a variety of sizes and lids.

Mobile Waste Management

If you're looking for housekeeping and janitorial supplies, trash can carts with wheels are a huge asset. Instead of carrying large bags of trash around, a wheeled bin allows you to easily empty smaller trash cans into the large bin, then move it all at once to your designated dumpster outside the building. Our members have access to convenient wheeled recycle and trash bin carts at exclusive members-only prices.

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