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Wallets & wall pockets

Wallets and Wall Pockets

File wallets and wall pockets make it simple to keep desks and cubicles organized. Check out the selection of wallets and wall pockets available at Sam's Club.

Expanding Files

Expanding files help you keep large files and projects organized and free from damage. A single, 2-inch expansion wallet handles heavy or cumbersome files that might not fit in a traditional file folder. Use expansion folders with multiple pockets for keeping weekly and monthly accounts and payments organized so you always know what needs addressed each day or week. Opt for files with tabs for at-a-glance organization that make it simple to find exactly what you need.

Wall Files

Wall files are an ideal option for keeping file folders organized and easy to find. Use a single-compartment wall file for holding upcoming client files, and make sure everyone knows who's next on the list. Wall files with seven compartments let you add files for each day of the week or for multiple employees, so everyone stays on track.

Wall files come in different materials that add to the overall look of the office. Mesh designs in metal add a contemporary feel and provide durability that withstands frequent use. Plastic and acrylic wall options let everyone see the contents and protect folders from dust and debris in the air. Choose from a variety of colors that match the rest of the decor in the office for even more visual appeal.

Display Racks and Stands

If you offer reading materials and information pamphlets for guests, display racks and stands make sure the area looks neat and professional. With options that have up to eight pockets, there's a display rack that will hold everything you want to provide for your customers.

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