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Variety roses

Variety and Mixed Bulk Roses

The elegant rose is capable of multiple meanings depending on the color and style you select. Variety bulk roses in red such as the Sexy Lady or Freedom stems echo thoughts of passion and romance. Available in 100 stem bouquets you can create multiple arrangements or use each delicate bloom to decorate a home or office.

Selecting roses in pink hues gives you the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ or express your admiration through lighter palette shades. If you are wishing to send a gift that shows your friendship, reach for beautiful yellow roses. Variety bulk roses such as the Green Tea in white can show your eagerness for a new beginning and is also suitable for weddings or bridal gifts.

Displaying your excitement or attraction is simple with an orange hue of roses. Whether selecting the Twilight or Geisha you will be sure to send your message with a truly memorizing assortment of stems. Purple roses, such as the Cool Water, can also show desire and create the perfect combination of mixed bulk roses.

Other mixed bulk roses can be hand-selected and arranged by selecting two of the available 100 stem rose colors. Combine shades and create unique arrangements from the heart that can deepen the meaning behind the flower and create a special present. Most rose varietals are available in between 55cm to 60cm giving you the freedom to add depth and artistic design to any arrangement style.

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