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Two way radios

Two-Way Radios

For an electronic device that never goes out of style, check the Sam’s Club® selection of two-way radios. Unlike broadcast radios, two-way radios both receive and transmit a signal, making it possible for individuals to communicate when similar devices are set on the same frequency. They are perfect for those who do not use cell phones or want an alternative.

Wireless Devices

Handheld two-way radios have been popular for decades for their sleek design, portability and ability maintain a signal no matter where you roam. These two-way radios are ideal for when you are venturing outdoors with friends for camping trips, hunting expeditions and hikes.

Marine Radios

These fixed-mount devices allow you to communicate with other like devices, as well as send out distress calls when needed while traversing waterways. Marine radios offer exceptional transmission power and programmable channels, so you are always well positioned to stay in touch with others, both for practical reasons and for enjoyment.

Brands We Carry

At Sam’s Club, we carry the brands that have not only advanced the technology behind two-way radios, but have kept them current, such as Motorola and Uniden. No matter why you need a two-way radio, Sam’s Club has the ideal device for you. We also carry related accessories, such as batteries to keep your radio powered, as well as GPS and other outdoor devices.

Choosing a Two-Way Radio

When you are in the market for a new two-way radio, the most important factor to consider is purpose. What do you need your radio for? If it is to be as a communication device between yourself and friends, wireless and handheld two-way radios are perfect for you. If you own a boat or similar water craft, marine radios will allow you to communicate with other boaters as well as emergency services.

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