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Tv stands & accessories

TV Stands and Accessories

Did you just get a new TV for your home? Now comes the next part: choosing the right stand. Whether you need a wall mount for your sleek 60" flatscreen or a cozy stand for your bedroom TV, you’ll find what you need at Sam’s Club®. Our selection comes with a wide assortment of TV stands and TV accessories designed to match with different decors.

Choosing the Right Stand

It is important that you first evaluate the space reserved for your stand before making a decision. You want a stand that is wide enough to support your TV while fitting into your available space. You should also pick a stand that positions your TV directly ahead of where you'll be. This ensures that your eyes remain level with the center of the screen. Use a tape measure to get an accurate idea of how much space you need.

TV Stands with Storage

The TV stands at Sam's Club come with different designs. Some offer a single shelf while others feature multiple cabinets. If you’re looking to expand the storage options in your space, you may want to consider the second option. They're especially ideal for entertainment systems. This way, you not only have a spot for your TV but shelves for your media player, game console and movies.

If you plan to use the entertainment center for a gaming console or gaming PC, ensure that the cabinet comes with enough ventilation to handle the extra heat. Choosing a stand that comes with precut or drilled holes for effective cable management will help cut down clutter and make help ease the installation.

Material and Design

Always take into account the decor of the space. You don’t want a flat TV stand that looks out of place with the rest of your home. Generally, wooden stands tend to look nice with classic decor themes, while TV stands made of metal or glass blend better with contemporary styling. Regardless of what you need, Sam’s Club is the ideal place to start your search. You’ll find a nice variety of modern TV stands and smart TV accessories, including acoustic panels and HDMI cables.

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