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If you’re thinking about purchasing a treadmill for your home, consider the benefits: You will be able to work out anytime of the day, in any weather. You can even work out in front of your TV and catch up on your favorite shows. There would be no need to go to the gym and wait for the machines to be available. With a treadmill at home, you’re much more likely to make exercise a priority.

Imagine being able to wake up and walk or run without having to leave the house. Or, if you prefer, you can work out after work, or even after the kids have gone to sleep. With a treadmill at home, your workout time can be anytime. Before you decide which treadmill to purchase, there are a few things to consider.

Treadmill Size

Consider where you’ll put the treadmill and measure the available area. Make sure there’s enough space to walk around the treadmill. Check the “Assembled Size” field to find out the dimensions of the treadmills you’re shopping for. Also, if you’re short on space or you might want to move the treadmill around, consider a foldable treadmill. Foldable treadmills are perfect for apartments or anyone who rents. If you decide to move, your foldable treadmill can easily come along.

Speed Range and Incline

Are you a walker or a runner? Before you decide which treadmill to purchase, be sure to check the speed range of the models you’re looking at. For walking, it might be just fine if your treadmill only goes up to 4 miles per hour. However, if you’re a jogger or a runner, you’ll want the option to go faster. Are you interested in walking or running at an incline? If so, check out the various incline percentages of the treadmills you’re looking at. Even a small incline can make your work out much more intense—and it’s a great way to efficiently increase your fitness.

Special Features

You’ll find treadmills with water bottle holders, built-in speakers, and fans. Some treadmills are Bluetooth-compatible and have the ability to track your heart rate. You’ll even find treadmills that come with workout apps to help keep you motivated. As you’re shopping for the perfect treadmill, decide which special features are right for you.

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