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Travel accessories

Travel Accessories

Some pets love to travel just as much as you do, so take them along on your next adventure. Sam’s Club® offers a wide selection of travel accessories designed to make your trip easier and more comfortable.

Choosing a Pet Ramp

Pet ramps are an ideal solution for small pets, older animals or animals with joint injuries. They make it easier and safer for your pet to reach higher spots, like getting in and out of the car. They also help encourage pet independence. Many of the ramps at Sam’s Club feature a telescoping or folding design, which makes them easier to pack between trips.

When choosing a ramp, consider the length, width and the surface style. If you’re going on a road trip, you'll want a ramp that fits neatly in your car when folded. Think of your pet and maintenance. Ramps covered with rubber are easier to clean, while those covered with rip deliver the best traction.

Car Covers

Protect the interior of your vehicle from a fur invasion with the right car cover. Most of the dog car seat covers at Sam’s Club come with a universal design, so they fit easily into almost any car. Dog car covers are also a great way of protecting your car from dirt and stains. If you’re traveling with a pet that hasn’t completed his housetraining, consider getting a waterproof cover. You’ll find covers designed for the car seats and covers for the cargo hold.

Crates and Carriers

Choosing the right crate or carrier for your pet is easy once you know exactly what your pet’s needs are. First on the list is size. It is important that you avoid picking a crate that is too small, but it is just as important to avoid picking a large dog crate for a small dog.

Instead, choose a crate that gives your pet just enough room to lie down, stand up and turn around. Crates, carriers and dog carrier bags come in different designs, including wire crates, plastic crates and wooden crates. You’ll also find comfortable pet strollers and shoulder carriers. Whatever your needs, Sam’s Club is a great place to start your search for pet travel accessories. To help narrow your search down, try using the intuitive search tool found on each page.

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