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Training pants

Training Pants for Boys & Girls

One of the main factors that can accelerate toilet training is when a child realizes the difference between staying wet and dry. Staying wet is an uncomfortable feeling for a child, thus creating awareness and a need to stay dry by using the potty more often. Training pants can help create this awareness and helps your child learn how to stay dry, but prevents the accident from making a mess on the floor to a certain extent due to absorbent protection. Training pants can also be pulled on or off like real underwear, and because they can be opened from the sides, they can be changed easily without having to have your child lie down. Training pants are specifically available for girls and boys, and come with special graphics which changes color or fades when wet.

There are a wide variety of training pants available, so you can experiment with different types and choose a training pant that works best with your child. Shop now at

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