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Training & behavior

Training and Behavior

Training your pet takes time, but if you’re patient, the results are worth it. Sam’s Club® offers a wide selection of products designed to help you and your furry friend through the training process. You’ll find everything from simple training pads to wireless containment systems.

Choosing a Training Pad

Having a training pad nearby is a good idea. You never know when your pet might need one. The ideal training pads are those that are extremely absorbent and leak-resistant, so you don’t have to constantly worry about cleaning up after your canine. To get the best results with your training pad, be sure to choose one that is the right fit for your dog. Larger pets will require more coverage area. Many of the training pads at Sam’s Club come in convenient packs, giving you an easy way to stock up for several weeks or months.

Shopping for Crates

Sam’s Club is home to wide variety of crates and carriers that are available in different shapes and designs. Each one is designed to meet specific needs. Some crates for dogs are collapsible while others come with a divider that allows you to expand the available space as your puppy grows. You’ll find crates made out of wire, which are ideal for warmer climates, and lighter soft-sided crates that are great for trips. You’ll also find strollers, shoulder carriers and cozy indoor dog crates.

Whatever your needs, always ensure that the crate you choose is large enough for your pet. The ideal crate should come with enough room so your pet can stand, lie down and turn around. It shouldn't’t be too big though. If a crate is too large, your pet may convert one end into a bed and the other end into a make-shift potty station.

Wireless Dog Fencing

If you hate the idea of building a fence to physically constrain your dog to a particular area, you may want to consider electronic containment. It provides a convenient solution for owners, as well as pets. Wireless dog containment gives you an effective way of setting boundaries, so you can keep your pet out of your garden or pool while still leaving him or her with the run of the yard. Whatever your needs, Sam’s Club comes with a wide variety of items to help with your dog training.