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Tool organization

Tool Organization

As the adage goes, "A place for everything, and everything in its place." This is especially important when it comes to your tools. With the proper tool organization products from Sam's Club®, you'll be able to keep your favorite hammer and screwdriver close at hand.

Start With a Good Toolbox

The first step to getting your gear organized is having the right toolbox. These can be as simple as a portable option that can be carried around the house for various DIY repairs to large chests with many drawers and caster wheels to move around a shop. Look for a sturdy model with enough room to hold all your tools plus a little extra, because you can never have too many tools.

Another important feature on any toolbox is the lock. This allows you to keep your tools safe and secure when not in use. Tool storage cabinets are also a good way to keep your items safe. They can be wall mounted to keep them off the floor or stand-alone models for the most efficient use of your floor space.

Move On to the Walls

No matter how good your toolbox, sometimes you just need more space in the garage. This is where pegboards and slat walls can come in handy. These systems from brands like LocBoard and others allow you to use specially designed hooks to enhance your tool organization plans. You can even attach bins to them to hold small parts and other supplies.

Organize Your Workspace

Not only do you need to organize your tools when you aren't using them, you need to keep them in place when you are using them. With our selection of available workbenches, you'll find the right surface to handle all your tasks. Add some bins and tool storage drawers and you'll always know where the right tool for the job is.

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