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One part of almost any home improvement project is making your home more efficient and less wasteful. A sure-fire way to accomplish this is with a new toilet that uses less water than older models. And while you are making a change, you might as well make a stylish choice as well. At Sam's Club®, we have a variety of toilets and accessories to get you the bathroom of your dreams.

Start With the Basics

For a remodeling job, selecting fixtures like sinks, showers and toilets is the first step you should take. Since these items will last the longest, it makes sense to pick ones that offer a timeless and coordinated style. One option to consider is a dual-flush toilet with water-saving options.

Space-saving toilets are also popular as technology and design have come together to create fully functioning toilets with a smaller footprint. These can sit closer to a wall if necessary and give your bath a more open feel.

Add-On Accessories

If you need a new toilet seat, consider one that incorporates a night light or even a bidet feature to enhance your new space. High-end models from brands like Brondell include warm water, heated seats, adjustable water pressure and dual spray nozzles as well as a wireless remote to control it all.

Whether you need an all-in-one toilet solution that includes all the installation hardware or just a new toilet seat, at Sam's Club we have all your bathroom needs covered.

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