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Toddler beds

Toddler Beds 101

Everyone with kids understands. One minute they’re tiny, crawling and cooing. And then all of the sudden they are walking, talking and growing faster that you ever imagined. And as they grow, things at home adapt along with them. So when they’re no longer little babies, sleeping in a crib just won’t do. That’s where toddler beds come in. If you’re at that point, getting a toddler bed with a mattress for your child is the next natural step. The good news is that transitioning to a toddler bed can be a lot of fun for both you and your child.

Sam’s Club has a wonderful selection of toddler beds for you and your family. You’ll find them in a variety of styles, from sleek and modern to classic and traditional. And because it’s Sam’s Club, they’re all offered at members-only prices, so you can be assured that you’re getting the best value. What’s more, toddler beds are made to adjust as your kids grow. You can use the side rails when they’re younger, and then remove them when they’re no longer necessary. Once the side rails are removed, it’s like having a regular kids’ bed.

Toddler Bed Types

There are a few different types of toddler beds available. One type is the 3-in-1 convertible. The 3-in-1 starts off as a crib. Then it converts into a toddler bed and a daybed. The daybed can be used for lounging and reading books, or it can also serve as an extra bed for guests. Either way, the 3-in-1 convertible is designed to last. You can start using it from the time you bring home your bundle of joy and continue until your child is independent enough to get in and out of bed on his or her own.

Another type of toddler bed is the type with removable guardrails or side rails. All parents want the safest toddler bed for their little one and the experts at Sam’s Club understands how important safety is. In addition to the safety features. you’ll love the flexibility of this type of toddler bed. When you first use it, the guardrails will be there during the transition. As your child gets used to sleeping in the toddler bed, you can rest assured knowing that your child will be secure as he or she sleeps in a safe toddler bed. And after the adjustment period, you can choose to remove the guardrails and use the bed as a typical single bed. No matter which type of toddler bed you’re interested in, we’re confident you can find the best toddler bed at Sam’s Club.

Buying a Toddler Bed

When you’re choosing a toddler bed, consider the following:

Style When it comes to furniture for your home, do you prefer sleek modern styling, or a more traditional look? The good news is that the kids’ beds at Sam’s Club come in a variety of styles and finishes. If you’d to match the décor in the rest of your home, you’re sure to find a style you like. like to Choose a soothing neutral color like white or light grey or stick with something dark and rich like cherry or espresso finished wood.

Size Think about where you’ll put the bed and be sure to measure your child’s room before you make your purchase. You should be able to easily find the measurements of the toddler beds you’re looking for on the Sam’s Club website. Look under the specifications section, toward the bottom of the product pages.

Configuration Some toddler beds offer a 3-in-1 configuration, where they start as cribs, then convert to toddler beds and day beds. Many have adjustable mattress heights, which are perfect as your little one grows. Many toddler beds also come with removable side rails, which is a handy safety feature, and adds to the bed’s flexibility.

Assembly When you’re shopping, take a look at the specifications section for information about assembly. Most beds will require some assembly. The experts at Sam’s Club recommend that you give yourself plenty of extra time and if possible, have another person available to help just in case.

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