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Time clocks & cards

Time Tracking Supplies

Time clocks, time cards and other devices that track employee comings and goings are about more than just trust. Paying employees for time where they are not on the premises affects your bottom line, and when employees know that their time is being tracked, they’re often more likely to make sure they arrive and leave on time.

Today’s time clocks have advanced far beyond the clunky metal boxes with crude analog clocks that you may remember from the past. Sam’s Club offers a variety of high tech clocks for your office, such as a fingerprint clock that requires employees to provide a fingerprint to clock in, an easy and non-confrontational way to avoid the problem of fellow employees punching in for others, or atomic time clocks that automatically sync up to the correct time when you start them.

These clocks provide easy to read digital time, adjust for daylight savings time, allow you to easily print out all the employee time data you need, and have a look that fits right in with your office. You’ll find cards and printer ribbons to go with your time clock at Sam’s Club too.

So don’t lose any more employee time when you don’t have to. Find an efficient, high tech, affordable time clock, along with time cards, time clock ribbons, or whatever accessories you need all at Sam’s Club now.

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