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Time clocks & recorders

Time Clock Buying Info

  • Time clocks enable you to track exactly when employees arrive and leave the building. Discrepancies are eliminated, and you are assured of only compensating for hours worked.
  • Some employee time clocks can track other statistics as well including absences, payroll summaries, employee lists, overtime reports, and more.
  • Time clocks provide assurance to the employees as well. They will know that a reliable machine is properly tracking the time spent working. There is a feeling of assurance related to their paycheck.
  • There are a variety of time recorders for your convenience. What is the structure of your business? Whose time do you want to track? What are the specific needs you would like your time recorder system to address? These are questions you must answer before shopping for a time clock.
  • Self-totaling time clocks compute payroll time for you. Combine clocks and software to compile employee times in order to make the payroll process easier and more efficient.
  • Biometric time clocks use the technology of hand topography. Employees only need to scan their hands over the device in order for the system to track their times and presence. The systems are extremely reliable, making each employee completely distinguished.
  • Date and time stamp time clocks can be used like traditional punch time clocks, yet offer more options. Track incoming mail, tax receipts, phone messages, lab reports, and more.
  • Most employee tracking devices are compatible with PC software such as Excel. You can have the time clocks accurately track data and then transport the intelligence into work databases and records.

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