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Time cards

Time Cards

Employee time cards allow you to more easily keep up with your office payroll records. Sam's Club® has time cards that come in a variety of styles for both manual and automated timekeeping from brands such as TOPS and Adams. Depending upon your payroll periods, you can select cards in weekly or bi-weekly formats. We also carry sturdy wall mountable racks for organizing time cards while also making them easily accessible to workers.

Time Clock Systems

Keep track of your employees’ work hours with the use of an employee time clock system. Sam's Club carries all of the products you will need to manually or digitally track work hours. We also carry a complete time clock system with a clock, software, badges and electronic cables to help you get started.

Time Clocks

Whether you're looking for a traditional employee time clock with an analog display or a more advanced system with face recognition or fingerprint identification, we have just the right product for you. All of our time clocks and recorders provide an accurate way to process payroll no matter the size of your business. For added convenience, these clocks can be wall-mounted or kept on a desk or counter.

Name ID Badges

Automated badges are used by employees to punch in and out just like time cards with some models featuring a magnetic strip. Sturdy and durable, they are reusable and can be easily stored in a pocket or wallet.

Improve your payroll process with the use of our time clock supplies. All of these products are available to you at our exclusive members-only prices.

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