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Thermometers for Child Care & Schools

How do you tell if someone has a fever? Back of the hand pressed up against their forehead? While having a fever is a common part of life, and it serves a vital function helping to kill the viruses in the body, it is important to know how high your fever is. This is especially true with small children and anyone with a strained immune system. Get an accurate reading every time with a new digital thermometer.

Digital thermometers come in a few different varieties. Some digital thermometers look similar to the old glass versions. It is placed under the tongue and provides a digital reading after a few minutes. This inexpensive option is perfect for adults and older children.

If you have infants or younger children, having them sit for a couple minutes with something under their tongue, especially when they aren’t feeling well, just isn’t realistic. Some digital thermometers are able to measure temperatures quickly, just by placing the device on the forehead or in the ear. You just have to get your little one to stop wiggling for a few seconds, rather than several minutes. And the results you receive will be highly accurate.

Believe it or not, you can even get a thermometer that takes temperatures without having to touch your child at all! A non-contact thermometer allows you to get an accurate temperature reading by just pointing the device. Taking a sleeping baby’s temperature has never been so easy.

Be prepared for the next time someone gets sick with a digital thermometer from Sam’s Club. You’ll find great deals and affordable prices.

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