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Tvs & home theater

TVs and Home Theater

Make movie night an event to remember. Upgrade your entertainment options with a new TV or better yet, a home theater system. Sam's Club® has what you need to set up an immersive high-quality entertainment hub in your personal space, including TVs and home theater accessories. Get gorgeous visuals and sharp audio with the right equipment.

Choosing the Right TV

One of the major decisions for shaping a home theater system is deciding on the right TV size. For most people, bigger is always better. If what you desire is an immersive home theater experience, experts recommend that you start your search at 50-inch TVs and work your way up. TVs in this range provide the visual impact that you need for almost any room. That said, it is also important to consider the size of the room or the viewing distance, so you don't pick a home theater TV that is too large for your space.

Another important feature to consider when choosing a TV is its display technology. Most TVs fall into any of three groups based on their type of display: plasma, LED or OLED. OLED TVs are the ideal pick for visual purists because they offer the deepest blacks and richest colors while Plasma TVs have a smoother refresh rate and wider viewing angles. LEDs offer a more affordable and energy efficient choice.

It is worth noting that the final results you get with your TV will depend on the kind of lighting in the room. LEDs are a good pick for brightly lit spaces, while OLED TVs work best in normal lighting conditions. For darkly lit rooms, plasmas are the recommended choice.

Choosing TV Accessories

To get the most out of that gorgeous new TV, you'll need the right accessories. Sam's Club is home to a wide range of choices. Blu-ray™ players are a great place to begin, especially if you already have a large Blu-ray library. Some Blu-ray players offer streaming features, but if you'd rather have this function handled by a standalone device, then consider investing in a streaming media player. And for the ultimate immersive experience, turn to soundbars or a set of home theater speakers to complement your Surround Sound TV.

Whether you're looking for a vibrant LED or a plasma TV for your den, we have you covered. Finding the right pieces for your home theater system is easy. Simply narrow your search results with the tools on this page until you have just what you are looking for.