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Tea makers and teapots

Tea Makers and Teapots

Touted as the most popular drink in the world, tea has a rich and royal history. The art of brewing it is taught from generation to generation in many cultures and is considered an essential skill in social circles. Whether you like yours iced or hot, sweet or with lemon, from a bag or loose leaves, Sam's Club® has the equipment you need to make the perfect cup of tea.

Hot Tea Your Way

As one of the many small appliances available at Sam's Club, a teapot kettle lets you brew your favorite blends just the way you like them, and a good cup of hot tea starts with hot water. With an electric teapot or a glass tea kettle, you can heat water quickly and efficiently. Some work strictly by electricity and some work with a range burner as their heat source.

Iced Tea, Sweet or Not

No matter if you sweeten your tea or not, starting with an automatic iced tea maker can have you sipping your favorite blend in no time. These small appliances typically let you set your desired strength, which is adjusted by the length of time the tea is allowed to steep before pouring over ice cubes in the waiting pitcher. Iced tea brewers are an ideal option when you want to make enough tea for a crowd or just for one long afternoon of sipping.

Choose Your Brand

From electric teapots to teapot kettles, Sam's Club has what you need for the home or office. At Sam's Club, we carry tea maker machines from brands like Chantal, West Bend and Capresso that offer quality and reliability. This lets you pick the right equipment to meet the needs of the most discriminating tea-totaler. We also offer you members-only pricing to help you save money.

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