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Tablets & ipads

Tablets and iPads

There are a lot of great things you can do with a tablet or an iPad. There are also many options to consider when shopping for both. You can play games, watch movies saved to your device or streamed wirelessly, check email, surf the web and take care of business tasks. With the large selection of tablets and iPads at Sam's Club®, you'll be able to do all that and more.

Storage Capacity

One of the major concerns for users whether they are buying a Samsung tablet, an Apple iPad or another brand is the total amount of storage available in the unit. The more storage you have the more pictures, videos and games you can download or store. Some tablets have a microSD card slot for expanding memory capacity.

As a general rule of thumb, a 128GB device can hold about 5,700 apps, 2200 games, 85 SD or 32 HD videos.

Processing Power and Size

Just like in desktop and laptop computers, the processing power of a tablet directly relates to how fast it can run programs and how smooth the frame rates will be. If you’re really into playing the latest games, you’ll want either an iPad or tablet that has a top-tier processor.

Size also matters when it comes to choosing a tablet. If you’re more of a casual user that enjoys reading e-books and checking messages, a Wi-Fi tablet that's easier to handle with a display size of 7-inches to 9-inches may be right for you.


Accessories allow you to expand the capabilities of your tablet or iPad. Sam's Club has a variety of gadgets to enhance your mobile computing needs. iPad accessories like a stylus and a keyboard dock make doing tasks on your device easier. Sleeves, chargers and other tablet accessories will keep your unit protected and ready for use.