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Swimming pools

Beating the Heat with Above Ground Pools

Above ground swimming pools typically come in two shapes: round and oval, and are usually between 48’’ to 54’’ in height. The size and shape of swimming pool you should look for depends on the amount of space you have available for it and how deep you prefer your pool to be. As you’re deciding which pool is right for you, think about how you’ll be using your pool; will you be splashing around with the kids or floating on a raft with a cool drink in your hand most of the time? Consider how much pool area and depth your favored activity might require.

Oval pools need external bracing on the sides, which means you will need additional width space around the pool. If you have the yard space, then consider an oval pool, as this type of pool offers enough space for laps and water games. Round pools do not need external bracing and are usually self supporting and simpler to install, but they do offer a smaller amount of space. As you browse our selection of swimming pools, you find a variety of pool packages that provide everything you need to start enjoying your pool. Let Sam’s Club help you enjoy the outdoors and beat the summer heat with a great deal on an above ground pool today.

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