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Sun protection

Sun Protection

Sam’s Club® carries a selection of sun protection products to keep your skin shielded from damaging sunrays, so you can safely spend time in the sun.

Benefits of Sun Protection

Coppertone® is a popular brand of sunscreen, as they manufacture a wide range of products for every type of sun care need. The range of Coppertone products we carry includes hands-free spray bottles for easy application, as well as multi-packs to offer value. Coppertone has sun protection designed for children and sporty lifestyles with a higher SPF count for extra protection.

For those with more sensitive skin, Neutrogena® has a line of sun protection products that help prevent sun damage and other skin ailments. The brand's Beach Defense sunscreen bundle comes in both lotion and spray applicators and has SPF 70, keeping skin protected even during beach outings. Ultra Sheer by Neutrogena is also oil-free and non-comedogenic, making it ideal for acne-prone skin. This multi-pack comes in a spray bottle with SPF 100 and two lotions with SPF 55.

Member’s Mark® has a top-quality spray sunblock that provides extra value. This sunscreen is waterproof and resistant to sweat, making it an ideal choice for those who spend time doing outdoor activities.

Choosing Sun Protection

At Sam’s Club, we have a variety of sun protection products that offer UVA/UVB defense and prevent sunburns. To find the correct sun product for you and your lifestyle, here are some tips.

Anyone who has sensitive skin and often has an adverse reaction to most sun care products, Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer sunblock is great for daily use. If you are shopping for the whole family, Coppertone has products for kids and grownups alike. For the active lifestyle, Member’s Mark sport sunscreen has SPF 50 and resists water and sweat. With these tips in mind, finding the correct sunblock for you at Sam’s Club shouldn’t be a problem.

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