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Streaming media players

Streaming Media Players

Streaming media players are a great way to add “smart” functions to a TV, especially if you don’t already own a smart TV. They enable you to watch online content from many of your favorite video and music channels. TV streaming devices are relatively easy to set up. Plug them in, connect to your network and you’re good to go. At Sam’s Club®, you’ll find a wide collection of options, including set-top boxes and streaming sticks.

Set-Top Boxes

Set-top boxes are powerful, console-like gadgets that connect to a TV. They support different platforms and come with a variety of features, such as a personalized menu and built-in apps. Set-top streaming media players are a good pick if you’re looking to expand your entertainment options. Some of the top TV streaming devices even allow you to stream 4K content for a vibrant view.

Streaming Sticks

If you prefer the idea of a portable media streaming device, consider getting a streaming stick. Streaming sticks are small devices (roughly the size of a USB flash drive) that plug directly into a TV’s HDMI port. They do not come with an external power source and instead rely on your TV for power. Despite their size, streaming sticks are fairly powerful devices. Some come with their own interface while others need to be paired with a phone or computer to function.

Media Streaming Benefits

Many of the Wi-Fi streaming media players at Sam’s Club give you the ability to play a lot more content than traditional TV and cable services offer. They provide access to more channels and typically come with a more intuitive user interface. Some even provide access to live TV, providing an alternative to cable or satellite. And if you already have a large library of digital content saved on your computer, you can use a media streamer to access your content over your home network. Sam’s Club is a great place to start your search for a streaming media player. We offer a variety of options, including those from popular brands like Roku and Apple.

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