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Storm shelters

Storm Shelters

Tornados, hurricanes, high winds and more can wreak havoc and cause damage to homes and businesses. One way to protect your family is to install a storm shelter in your home. At Sam's Club®, we have modular steel shelters from trusted brands like Atlas Safe Rooms and Swisher.


For a tornado storm shelter to work for your family, the first thing to consider is the size. It needs to be large enough to hold everyone, including pets. We offer units that are modular in nature, allowing you to expand them as needed.

FEMA requirements and testing guidelines are very important for storm shelters. Look for a shelter that meets or exceeds FEMA guidelines for withstanding an EF5 tornado.


The most important installation requirement for a storm shelter is the foundation. A concrete slab at least 8-inches thick is ideal. It should also extend out from all sides of the shelter by 2- to 3-feet. This will aid in stability and help prevent a tip over during a storm. For this reason, garages, basements and other first floor locations are preferred. Select models can also be installed outdoors.

More Than Storm Protection

When tornado safety is the main concern, a storm shelter can give you peace of mind. However, these structures can also provide protection in other situations. They can be used as a safe shelter in case of a home invasion, giving you and your family a place to cover and wait for help to arrive.

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