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Storage drawers

Storage Drawers

Sam’s Club® carries a variety of storage drawers for organizing homes and businesses.

Types of Storage Drawers

Unique and contemporary storage systems by Deflect-O consist of interlocking plastic bins that come in a variety of sizes. Place them on countertops, shelves or mounted on walls. These bins open outwardly and are great for stationery or hobby stores as they can display small items.

Bankers Box stackable STOR/DRAWER cartons are both durable and space saving. They are enforced with a wire frame, have sturdy plastic handles and includes removable rails to hang files if needed. These well-constructed boxes can hold all types of documents and other items, but are light enough to move hassle free.

Bankers Box also manufactures interlocking storage boxes for horizontal and vertical stacking. These boxes are ideal for storing important files and their steel frame and reinforced drawers allow for easy opening and closing movements. Each box has a handle and index card holder so you can label the contents of each drawer for great organization.

Choosing Storage Drawers

Interlocking storage bins by Deflect-O can make a great addition to your office’s storage closet, as they can organize and store pens, paper clips, push pins, note pads and other such items for employees to help themselves.

Bankers Box stackable storage drawers are excellent in law firms and other businesses that deal with a lot of paperwork.

At Sam’s Club, we believe that no matter what type of storage drawer you need, we will have a great choice for you at an excellent price.

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