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Staples & stapler supplies

Industrial Staple, Colored Staples, Electric Staplers & More

Sam’s Club has all the staples, stapler supplies and staplers you need to keep your office at peak efficiency at all times. Here you’ll find standard desk staplers, heavy duty staplers, economy staplers and more, along with plenty of staples to fill them at rock bottom prices. When you shop at Sam’s Club, you’ll find staplers that will last a long time, but even if your staplers get lost or you get a new influx of employees, there’s no problem, because staplers from Sam’s Club are so affordable, you can afford to have all you’ll ever need on hand, with all the staples you need to make them work as well.

Whether you need staplers that staple 100 pages or more at once, ones that staple just a few pages but are easy to use, or both, Sam’s Club has them for you. You’ll also find electronic staplers, staple removers, and just about anything else you need for day to day office jobs. You’ll even find staplers that come in different, streamlined colors and miniature staplers that are easy to carry and are eco-friendly.

So don’t force your employees to hunt around for staplers that don’t work half the time, or to dig around in the stockroom to find the last box of staples. Stock up on staplers, staples and stapler supplies with Sam’s Club today.

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