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Don’t just watch TV—immerse yourself in the experience with a soundbar. Soundbars make a smart addition to home theater systems. They're stylish too. Modern options sport sleek, attractive designs that allow for flexible installations around the room. Sam’s Club® is a great place to start your search for the right speaker. You’ll find a wide collection of choices, with different features, designs and brands, including Samsung and Bose soundbars.

Choosing a Soundbar

The first step in choosing a soundbar is deciding on your preferred design. You have two broad choices: soundbars and sound bases (or pedestal soundbars). Soundbars are exactly that—a long thin speaker designed to look like a bar. The simple design allows for a variety of installation options. You can have it mounted on the wall or simply leave it standing in front of the TV.

Sound bases are a little different. They’re just as sleek as soundbars, except they’re designed to be tucked beneath the TV as a makeshift pedestal. Sound bases also have weight ratings, so you’ll want to ensure that you choose a model that is the right fit for your TV.

Connection Input

Most of the soundbars at Sam's Club typically come with at least one analog input and a digital optical input. If all you plan to connect is your TV and an extra device, this should be enough. But if you plan to connect multiple media devices, you’ll need a model that offers enough input to handle each device.

Bluetooth and Wireless Connection

Built-in Bluetooth is a popular feature with soundbars because it gives owners the opportunity of streaming music from the TVs and favorite mobile devices. Most wireless soundbars come with support for Android, iOS and Windows, so you can also stream music from your phone.

Surround Sound

For many audiophiles, surround sound isn’t an optional feature—it’s the rule. Fortunately, many of the top soundbar brands at Sam's Club deliver a rich audio experience that is likely to be enough for almost everyone. If you’re looking for even more options, check for models that allow you to expand your sound experience by including additional surround sound speakers with your Bluetooth soundbar. Many brands, including Samsung and LG, enable you to pair other standalone speakers wirelessly for ultra-convincing sound effects.

There are other options to consider when shopping for a soundbar at Sam's Club. For instance, do you plan to use the remote that comes with the soundbar, or do you prefer to use the TV remote control? Aesthetics also matter. Some of the models at Sam's Club come with knob switches while others offer touch control. You’ll also find models with a large front panel display, and other options without a screen. Whatever your needs, Sam's Club has you covered.

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