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Solar panel & accessories

Solar Panels & Accessories

When considering solar panels, most people think of giant glass sheets mounted on rooftops. While those are certainly still available, you can also find solar panels built into a variety of items from security cameras to patio tables. At Sam's Club,® we offer many solar-powered items from respected brands like Coleman® and Sunforce

Solar Power for Charging

One popular use for solar panels today is to charge and power other devices. You can find stand-alone panels that can be connected to charging stations for batteries, as well as more decorative applications. Look for items like tables that incorporate solar power systems and a docking station to charge cell phones and tablets.

Outdoor lighting is another popular application for solar panels. This is an energy-efficient solution, since you don't have to run wires to individual lights. These come in a variety of styles including walkway lights and lampposts.

Solar Panels for Going Off-Grid

Solar panel kits are used to power devices and appliances when traditional power is not available. They are also ideal for generating power for RVs, campsites and other locations where you might not have access to commercial electricity. Portable solar panels are handy and can be repositioned to take advantage of the best angles for maximum sun exposure. Use them to power 12-volt devices and more.

Solar Panel Kits for Your Home

Larger solar panels can be used to power your entire home or at least augment your commercial electricity, depending on your geographic location. Most devices can convert solar power to AC current no matter what the climate happens to be in your area, just to differing degrees. They can be used as backup energy sources and to power generators and major appliances as well. Choose a complete solar panel kit complete with solar panel accessories for an easy install.

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