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Computers are nothing without software, and the right program will let you accomplish many things both in your personal and professional life. Products from Adobe allow you to produce gorgeous, professional images and video while McAfee software will ensure that your computer is running both at peak efficiency and is safe from viruses.

Operating System Requirements

Hands down the first consideration when looking at what new software to purchase is to check which operating system is required. This is true whether or not you're looking at Microsoft software, Encore, Rosetta Stone, Quicken and others for use at home, the office or school. When buying software online at Sam's Club®, it can also be shipped directly to you or downloaded directly to your computer.

Software will usually require a certain version of Windows or iOS. Most computers can run software designed for an older operating system—like Windows 10 running a program designed for Windows 8, but the opposite is not true (Windows 8 running a Windows 10 program). Software designed to take advantage of Windows 10 is generally better optimized, runs smoother and can in many cases, will see increases in frame rates, load times and faster interaction with other programs

Software Performance

After you’ve verified the correct operating system for the software, you need to check to see if your computer can run it at optimal performance. These requirements are often labeled as needing a certain processor speed or amount of available RAM (memory). You may also see a list of both minimum and recommended requirements.

In addition to CPU and RAM requirements, software will also have a minimum amount of hard drive space needed to install it. You may find that new software will also require other things such as free USB ports to run peripherals, wireless connectivity or a graphics card.