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Skateboards and Skateboarding Equipment

Any skateboarder knows that you are only as good as your equipment. From rails to ramps to unique styles of skateboards, Sam’s Club offers a wide range of products designed to help you achieve new levels in your skill set.

Without a rail, there is no way to perfect your slide or flip. Sam’s Club stocks a selection of portable rails so you can continue to skate at home or on-the-go. Whether you choose a split or mini rail, you can get closer to perfecting every skateboarding trick.

Building speed and learning how to manage your board downhill is only accomplished with a ramp. Choose from Sam’s Club offerings including professional quality ramps with 15” kickers and high-impact ramp surfacing. Other specifications to take note of include coating for all-weather and easy assembly so you can spend more time skating and less time managing the equipment.

Sam’s Club also stocks Ripstick skateboards for those searching for a new type of ride. The Ripstick allows you to reach acceleration without the need to push. Offered in a variety of colors you are sure to find the board that meets your needs. In addition to rails, ramps, Ripstick skateboards, you can also shop skate tools to keep your board together and functioning at all times.

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