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Shipping tags

Shipping Tags

Sam’s Club® carries a selection of shipping tags and accessories that you can use to easily label and ship mail from your home or business.

Benefits of Shipping Tags

Mailing seals by Avery are adhesive labels that can be written on or printed with specific information or left blank. Small businesses print brand logos on these labels and use them as mail sealers on packages and information sent to customers and clients. These crisp white seals are also easy to adhere and remove.

Avery also manufactures shipping tags that resemble small manila envelopes and have a rectangular shape and smooth surface for clear printing. Shipping tags are sized at about 4" x 2" and are double wired to safely affix to packages.

Best-selling envelope moisteners by Quality Park are great for those who have to seal many envelopes for home businesses, offices and organizations that send a lot of mail at any time. These moisteners can securely seal more than 1,500 envelopes per bottle, are safe for use on any paper product and features a non-clogging patented spring-valve tip.

Choosing Shipping Tags

When you are shopping for shipping tags at Sam’s Club, there are a couple things to keep in mind to make sure you buy the right product for your needs.

If you are looking for durable adhesive seals to keep envelopes secured neatly, our mailing seals are ideal for you. These seals can also be written or printed on, so a business can even brand these labels with a company logo.

Shipping tags are non-adhesive and instead have wires that can be used to attach to packages. These tags are smooth and rectangular, allowing you to write specific information to ensure the package gets where it is needed.

When you need shipping tags, we at Sam’s Club hope to ensure you can find what you need here, at a great price. Be sure to check out our other mailroom supplies for additional items you may need.

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