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Sam’s Club® has an array of shelving designed to help you keep your items organized and neatly displayed.

Types of Shelving

If you need durable shelving in your garage or workspace, top-rated and best-selling shelving units by Muscle Rack are a great choice. These units are constructed of steel and have multiple solid shelves that can hold hundreds of pounds each, ideal for storing tools, car parts and other heavy items.

Seville’s wire shelving units are ideal for commercial purposes, particularly restaurant kitchens for storing food supplies and cooking tools. These shelves are UltraZinc and steel constructed, have wire-slotted shelves, as well as wheels, so they can easily be moved from one area to another. In addition to rectangular units, Seville also has angled shelves that can be conveniently placed in corners.

Enviro Elements multi-tiered resin shelves are excellent for home storage needs as they have heavy-duty strength and durability that can stand up to most needs. These shelves are also American made with recycled materials.

Choosing Shelves

Wire racks for the home and workplace by Seville are durable and multi-tiered. Seville also makes tiered chrome wire carts with handles and wheels so you can easily transport items on the job.

Heavy-duty shelves by Muscle Rack, as well as by Edsal, are ideal for organizing garages and are strong enough to hold various weighty items.

Alera’s shelving accessories, including shelf liners, shelving back supports and hook bars, are especially good for enhancing shelving in commercial spaces.

No matter what you may need shelving for, you'll find what you're looking for at Sam's Club.

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