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Sheet protectors

Recycled Sheet Protectors, Economy Sheet Protectors & More

The paper your documents are printed on is fragile. It can be ruined by coffee stains, harsh treatment or rain. It can be torn, cut or folded. None of these options are appealing, especially when those documents need to be delivered to others or presented publicly in some way. This is where sheet protectors from Sam’s Club can help. The sheet protectors we offer secure your documents and protect them from the elements or any kind of physical abuse. Furthermore, you can use sheet protectors to organize your documents in a binder or portfolio without damaging the document itself.

You may be surprised at the variety of sheet protectors offered by Sam’s Club to meet your document needs. When you peruse the Sam’s Club catalog, you’ll find non-glare sheet protectors, easy loading protectors, clear and semi clear protectors and heavyweight protectors. These protectors are all designed with your individual document protecting needs in mind. You’ll find sheet protectors that are document safe and acid free, so your documents will stay clear and crisp in their sheet protectors for years to come.

You don’t want to risk having a document you need be destroyed right before you need to present it, deliver it, or make decisions based on the information it contains. With Sam’s Club prices on sheet protectors, there’s no reason to take that risk. Order all the sheet protectors you need from Sam’s Club today. It’ll be easy on your budget and allow you to feel safe and secure with your documents no matter what hazards they may face.

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