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Self-stick notes & flags

Self-Stick Notes and Flags

Sam’s Club® has a variety of self-stick notes and flags to keep you organized. Whether you're marking an important passage in a book, jotting down a grocery list or formulating ideas for a business meeting, our selection is sure to help.

Self-Stick Notes and Flags Options

Sticky notes are a popular paper product for homes and offices. We carry a variety of popular brands like Post-it that offers a wide selection to fit your needs. There are sticky notes that are yellow and lined like a mini legal pad, and others that are brightly colored and blank for you to use as needed.

Self-stick flags are ideal for directing yourself or someone else to an exact spot. These sticky notes are small in size and usually rectangular, allowing the user to affix each one to a precise spot and write a direction on the flag for the reader to follow. Some of the flags we carry are blank while others come printed with useful phrases, such as “sign here” and “initial here”.

Choosing Self-Stick Notes and Flags

There are accordion-style sticky notes that allow you to easily grip one note at a time for quick release. They come in a variety of colors and are ideal for the office. The pop-up style allows you to easily select a note with one hand while answering a phone or reaching for a pen with the other.

For those who prefer a more muted self-stick note, we carry brands that are light in color that get the job done without being too eye catching.

No matter what type of self-stick notes and flags you prefer, we are sure you will find the right product for you at Sam’s Club.

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