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Security & surveillance

Security & Surveillance

Sam’s Club® carries a wide range of security and surveillance equipment, from the simple to the complex, to help ensure you feel safe in your home or business. For surveillance and security systems for inside or outside your home, check out our inventory to find what you need.

Types of Security and Surveillance Devices

Security cameras are meant to be discreet devices. Some have protective dome lenses and others have night vision technology. Some people prefer a whole surveillance and security system, which is generally comprised of multiple cameras for indoor and outdoor use and a multi-channel DVR base for recording footage. These components send live footage to your smartphone, tablet, or PC so you can check in anytime while on the go. We also carry related accessories, such as cables, extension cords, and microphones to complement your security and surveillance experience.

Finding the Right Security & Surveillance Equipment

There are many factors to consider when buying security and surveillance devices. First of all, assess your situation and figure out just what you need. A discreet, motion-detecting “nanny-cam” style security camera for your child’s room? How about a surveillance system outside your home that captures every angle to protect your family and property? Maybe you are a business owner that wishes to set up security cameras indoors and out. Once you have these questions answered, you can narrow in on what product is best for your specific needs. We carry all of these types of security and surveillance equipment as well as their attending accessories at Sam’s Club, with options for every budget.