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Safes & Security

There are a variety of different types of powerful security safes you can choose from when you shop for home or office safes at Sam’s Club. Constitution safes come with a steel door over three feet thick, with a battery operated electronic lock and fire resistant material to protect your valuables from extreme temperatures for at least an hour.

You’ll also find gun security safes designed to protect all your guns from theft or misuse, with room for just about any firearms and the same strength, fire protection and quality you’d expect from any top security safe.

Perhaps you’re looking for safes that are easy to hide away. Sam’s Club also offers in-floor safes and drop safes to keep your cash and valuables hidden away from potential thieves, with durability and protection comparable to the other safes we offer. At Sam’s Club, you’ll even find affordable residential and hotel safes like the kind you see in quality hotels. These safes are easy to lock and hard to open, which is just what you need for your precious items.

Don’t leave all of your most valuable items unprotected. Making sure that the things that are important to you are safe from theft or fire is worth just about any price, but at Sam’s Club, you don’t have to worry about your safe being worth more than what is inside it, so take look at Sam’s Club safes and protect yourself today.

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