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Security lighting

Security Lighting

Whether you want to protect your home or place of business, security lights can help. These lights come in a variety of styles with features to make lighting your way simple and fast. At Sam's Club®, we have a variety of indoor and outdoor lights to keep you and your property well lit and safe.

Indoor Lighting

When selecting indoor security lights, consider where and when you need them. If you need them only in an emergency, look for models that engage when the power goes out. To illuminate hallways on a continual basis, LED security lights like some of the ones offered by Hoover are a good option. These lights are very bright as well as energy efficient. Other indoor lighting options include motion detector lights that only come on when someone moves in a certain area. These work well in areas that are not used frequently.

Outdoor Security Lights

Outdoor lighting requirements are very different from indoor needs. Outdoor security lights need to work in extreme weather conditions including rain, snow, frigid and hot temperatures, humidity and wind as well as environments that are plagued by dust, dirt, chemicals and more.

The housings on these lights need to be able to withstand these factors. That's where you need to check the IP rating. This rating is given to housings of all kinds depending on how well they hold up to various environments. The rating features two digits, the first one represents how well the enclosure holds up to intrusions. If dust is a factor, look for that first number to be six or higher. The second digit relates to water resistance. Outdoor security lights that are somewhat protected from the elements should have a second number of at least five.

Lighting Styles

If you are considering a home renovation project, in addition to our selection of home improvement items, look for security lights to enhance your home's appeal. Brands like Honeywell® and others offer a variety of outdoor styles to suit many applications. Whether you need one on the outside of a barn or to illuminate your front door, at Sam's Club, we have just what you need.

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