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Scissors for All Types of Jobs

Scissors come in a variety of sizes and styles for different tasks. Some are suitable for cutting paper while others are strong enough to cut through metal. Whether you are looking for scissors for your classroom or scrapbooking desk, Sam's Club® has what you need.

Children’s Safety Scissors

Sold individually or in large packs for the classroom or childcare center, our children’s safety scissors are suitable for use in all kinds of arts and crafts activities. A kid-friendly design, they are extremely safe and offer a comfortable grip and stainless steel blade for smooth cuts with every use.

Household Scissors

Every house needs a good pair of shears. Our household or heavy-duty scissors are suitable for a variety of applications such as cutting paper, string, tape and cardboard. They are equipped with a secure grip handle for safety. And with stainless steel blades, they are made to last.

Work Scissors

Scissors are a common tool in the work environment, especially manufacturing and production. Use them to cut through wire, metal, rope and textiles. Some are specific to industries such as chef shears, wire cutters and barber scissors. Shop Sam’s Club for industrial-grade, professional scissors for all types of occupations.

Left-Hand Scissors

If you are left-handed, there is no need to struggle trying to operate with scissors made for the right-handed user. We offer true left-handed scissors that are equipped with special blades. These lefty scissors come with ergonomic handles, a lightweight design and quality stainless steel blades that will keep their edges sharp and durable.

We also carry products to keep your scissors sharp and in pristine condition. Shop Sam's Club for scissors for your home, office or business warehouse. Get all of these products at members-only prices.

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