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Sam’s Club® carries a range of scanners to help you turn your paper documents into electronic files quickly and easily.

Benefits of Scanners

Mobile scanners, by brands like Brother, are more compact than regular models. They allow you to scan documents wherever you are. When you need to scan receipts or other paperwork and convert them to PDF or other file formats, mobile scanners help you to do so within a limited space.

Image scanners take your prints and turn them into files. These scanners give you crisp and colorful copies of photos, colored graph charts for reports and other documents. Popular models from names like Epson use the finest technology to restore old photos, enhance the appearance of others and achieve top-quality clarity, which is important for personal or professional uses.

Choosing a Scanner

At Sam’s Club, we know purchasing the right scanner may not be easy, so we have a few ideas on what type of scanner may be best for certain needs. Most scanners are bundled with particular software to make them more user-friendly. Knowing which software is included with a scanner you're considering may help you narrow down your choice.

Image scanners from brands like ION combines old and new technology. There are models that allow you to instantly scan old photos, 35 mm slides and negatives. They feature a slot for an SD card, so you can save or view images on smart TVs, cell phones and laptops at your convenience. They're excellent for personal and business use.

Mobile scanners are top choices for busy individuals, like students or business workers, who find themselves needing to convert documents to electronic files from anywhere.

With an extensive selection of scanners and other office technology, you're sure to find exactly what you need at a competitive price at Sam's Club.

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