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Safety signs and prevention

Safety Signs for the Workplace

Avoid accidents such as falls with the use of safety signs. Bright and noticeable from even far distances, they warn of workplace hazards such as wet floors, flammable gas or forklifts. Both ANSI and OSHA require the display of some of these safety and caution signs in certain types of businesses. Be in compliance and avoid hefty fines with the purchase of these safety signs as well as exit and restroom signs from Sam's Club®.

Floor Signs

Designed for use in walkways and heavy traffic areas, floor signs warn of potential dangers such as liquid or solvent spills. Printed in bold, these signs feature a warning such as “wet floors” or “icy steps.” These signs come in a variety of styles including floor decals, safety cones and fold-down/pop-up signs. Made of plastic, the cones and signs have the message printed on at least two sides and in more than one language. Some styles also fold down for easy storage.

Caution Signs and Tape

Buy a generic caution sign to warn people of a variety of potentially hazardous situations. Bright yellow, these signs have the word “Caution” prominently displayed on them in big, bold letters. You may want to opt for a sign that includes a picture along with the message in English, French and Spanish. Along with the foldable and cone designs, there is also caution and danger tape for use at construction sites and crime scenes or where there are water or utility lines.

Mobile Barriers

For added protection, you can also block off an area with one of our mobile barriers. Easy to put up and take down, these are made of hard plastic for durability. Configure these barriers in a straight line or circle to fit the space.

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